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New Game

2010-06-08 03:01:15 by Ringwraith1

Space Defence

Check out my new game! It's a simple tower defence game, but still fun to play

For all of you out there who have been waiting for 4 years, it is finally here. Go see it if you haven't . Fallen Angel Episode One Part 1 . Also, the 2nd part is out aswell, so check check that out too. I must say, it is the best flash film I have ever seen. The animation is on a level superior to all others. You must see it to believe it! GO WATCH IT NOW!!!

Great tutorial site

2008-03-25 02:14:35 by Ringwraith1

If anyone is looking for a good tutorial site this is one of the best. I have read alot of them and they are very helpful.

If you want to learn Actionscript 3...

2007-12-05 18:51:44 by Ringwraith1

Go to this site to find out about this book, and maybe you can find it somewhere. It is also in an ebook format aswell.